VIES Batch Validation

Recently, a new, batch method of validating EU VAT numbers has been available on the European Commission’s website (VIES). Unfortunately, at the moment it is only available from the GUI level. While describing this validation method, we have prepared a survey for our clients from which we would like to find out whether you are interested in a batch (asymmetric) method of verifying EU VAT numbers.

The batch validation menu contains two submenus: Batch requests and Batch results.

Batch request

The batch request page contains two main sections:

a description section, explaining the feature and providing templates for the batch request input file format;
a request section; allowing to upload a file and launch a batch validation via a Submit button.
Important notice: The maximum number of records in the sended package is 100.
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Figure 7: Batch requests

Upon submitting a request, the user is redirected to the second sub-menu page exposing the results.

Batch result

This batch validation result page can be accessed either when submitting a new request or directly via the sub-menu.

12 - Batch results display
Figure 8: Batch results


The page contains three sections:

a description section, describing the feature;
a search section, allowing to enter a batch token to access the corresponding results. The token is pre-filled when accessing the page via submission of a request; the following error might occur when searching for a token:
 Results already downloaded;
 Token expired 24h after the job completion;
 Token requested does not exist;
a result section, allowing the user to consult the process progression and retrieve the results:
 Status of the request; the possible statuses are:
· Processing: validations are ongoing;
· Completed: all validations were performed and the result file is available for download;
· Failed: the processing has failed due to one of the following error:
 File does not match the expected format;
 File does not match the expected structure;
 Request not processed. IP address currently blocked;
 Request not fulfilling the minimum number of requests;
 Request exceeding the maximum number of requests;
 Maximum number of batch request reached;
 General system error stopped processing;

It should be noted that individual failure (business or system) will be reported as an outcome of the concern validation and will not trigger the FAILED status;

 Percentage of completion: the percentage is computed based on the ratio between the number of VAT numbers processed and the total number of VAT numbers in the batch request;
 Download button: only available when the status is completed, it allows downloading the resulting file, which returns, for each VAT Number to be validated, the validation results including the same fields and messages as in the VAT Validation page.


Source: User ManualVies-on-the-Web – Public