Test environment for checking entity status in VIES system.

For all those willing to test the operation of shared libraries, plugins and an add-on for Microsoft Excel, a test API has been made available at: https://www.viesapi.eu/api-test

Using the test API does not require creating an account on the viesapi.eu website, and all the test API functions work in exactly the same way as in the case of the production API (https://www.viesapi.eu/api). The only limitation is the range of EU VAT numbers for which inquiries can be sent.

Inquiries sent to the API-test address may only refer to the following numbers assigned to specific functions:

Function name Description EU VAT Numbers
getVIESData A function for confirming the activity of an EU VAT number issued by any of the European Union Member States PL7272445205


For production accounts, the key identifier and the key are generated by the user after logging in to his account on the viesapi.eu portal. In the case of the test API, there is no need to create an account – it is enough to perform the configuration as described below.

The test API requires a parameter less constructor to be used when constructing the client object to perform correct authentication. Here are examples for particular libraries:
using viesapiLibrary.dll;

// Test site service object creation
NIP24Client nip24 = new NIP24Client();

#include "viesapi.h"

// Test site service object creation
NIP24Client* nip24 = NULL;


Checking individual functionalities of the test API consists in calling individual functions described in detail on the documentation page with the parameters (EU VAT numbers) listed above.

Each of the libraries we provide contains the source code for a sample program called example, which illustrates the correct use of all API functions.